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Happy Birthday
Elize Pereira SJMCH Bangalore

Elize Pereira SJMCH Bangalore, ( 17/09/2014 )

Dear Eliza, Wishing you happiness To welcome each morning, Wishing you laughter To make your heart sing. Wishing you friendship Sharing and caring, And all of the joy The birthday can bring! May this birthday be your best birthday ever, Full of light and laughter, A fireworks explosion of joy. May this birthday live in your memory forever, Creating happiness and satisfaction Whenever you remember it. Happy, happy birthday. With love and regards, Sunny,Matilda and Ashita Bangalore

From, Simon Lasrado, Sullia/Bangalore

Jugul and Vanessa Saldanha M lore

Jugul and Vanessa Saldanha M lore, ( 28/04/2014 )

Dearest Jugul and Vanessa You have completed 1 year of love, Companionship, togetherness tenacity. May you experience these love filled moments till eternity. Happy 1st wedding anniversary. Today is the day to cherish Your beautiful bond. You both are the best couple we have ever come across. Happy wedding anniversary, mark your day merrily! Love brought you together as husband and wife. You have discovered a best friend In this one year in each other. Happy 1st wedding anniversary and enjoy May you continue to grace each other’s smiles, May you live happy all the while. Happy 1st wedding anniversary. With warm wishes Uncle Sunny,aunt Matilda and Ashita Bangalore

From, Simon Lasrado, Sullia/Bangalore

Happy Birthday
Violet Pereira Mangalore

Violet Pereira Mangalore, ( 12/03/2014 )

Dearest Violet, Wishing you a happy birthday that brings you Success, joy and happiness All the best for you because Because you are always special to us. Wishing you a special Birthday filled with joy and fun May this birthday brings you all the colors of life Filled with fun, joy and happiness Wishing you a Colorful Birthday With warm wishes, Simon Lasrado family Bangalore.

From, Simon Lasrado, Sullia/Bangalore

Pearl Tauro and Regan Rosario Mangalore

Pearl Tauro and Regan Rosario Mangalore, ( 25/01/2014 )

Dear Pearl and Regan We wish your love be just as endless As the rings you grant and wear, A circle of real happiness For both of you to share. Today is your wedding day, It s true so shiny and fine, With all best friends beside you To have a good time. We wish you showers of love Starting your lives as one, And happiness shared together May reign your lives forever. Capture all the precious moments And hold them in your heart, Today you vow to each other And make a perfect start. A promise of a wedding, That two hearts truly make, A vow to be loving, To guide, to give and take. Congratulations to you the newly weds Wishing you that the love you share together will be without end, Just like your wedding ring. Words are not enough today, It s a love that lights your way. May a joy be never ending, Warmest wishes we are sending. As you wed today, we wish you to enjoy the kind of love That grows and knows no end. May your married life be an inspiration To all the couples. Happy wedding day With warm wishes, Uncle Sunny,aunty Matilda and Ashita Bangalore

From, Simon Lasrado, Sullia/Bangalore

Brian and Kavitha Rego Bangalore

Brian and Kavitha Rego Bangalore, ( 25/08/2013 )

Dear Brian and Kavitha Rego Another year to create Precious memories together. Another year to discover New things to enjoy about each other. Another year to build A life rich in love and laughter. Another year to strengthen A marriage that defines "forever." To a couple who bring joy to all, May you laugh and sing and have a ball. May happiness surround you two, That is what we wish for you. May the good Lord see and bless you, On your anniversary day. May He always be your companion, And guide you on your way. May your bonds of marriage strengthen, Holding strong amidst all fears. And may our friendship stay untarnished, Through the wearing of the years. Happy 11th Steel Wedding Anniversary With steel wishes, Uncle Sunny,aunty Matilda and Ashita Bangalore

From, Simon Lasrado, Sullia/Bangalore

Season's Greeting
Ceaser and  Renita Fernandes

Ceaser and Renita Fernandes, ( 14/01/2013 )

Hello Ceaser and Renita.   Thanks for your wishes . We at SKAL also wish you and your family a very happy new year and hope all your dreams will come true this year. 


London 14 January 2012


Season's Greeting
all our friends and family

all our friends and family, ( 23/12/2012 )

Dear friends and family, we wish a merry xmas and happy new year2013... love from,,, ceaser and family.. london ,,,wembley.

From, ceaser fernandes, pangla/london

Season's Greeting
All People

All People, ( 08/04/2011 )

"Lent is a religious season observed in the spring by most Christians.  It serves as a time of spiritual discipline
and renewal in preparation for

Wish you all a Peaceful Lent

From, Anitha, Kelarai